Candidates in perpetuity

Candidates submitted in prior years as listed below, were Nominated but not Inducted. They will remain on an “In Perpetuity” list, and are available for Selection in 2022 and every induction cycle thereafter.

Beschen, Mike

Bolander, Bill

Brophy, Drew

Bryant, Toni

Chesser, Jeannie

Carulli, Lisa

Davis, Elaine

Duerr, Scott

Finnegan, William

Giordano, Tony

Heavysides, Ron

Heritage, Brian

Hixson, Bill

Holmes, Bill "Holmsey"

Jones, Darrell

Levy, Dave

Lundy, Chris

Mann, Mike

Mattison, Sean


McNair, Kem

Melhado, Danny

Morcom, Todd

Morrow, Tom

Neustadter, Mark

Olsen, Eric


Pell, Ross

Penny, Eric

Polk, Nanci

Revel, Gary

Scruggs, Roger

Stokes, Brenda

Tanner, Glenn

Troniec, Vince

Turner, Beezer

Walker, Matt

Weisbecker, Allen

West, Carl "Tinker"

Wright, Spyder