Mike Tabeling - 1996


  • Sphere of Influence East Coast & Beyond

  • media presence

  • Competition record

  • Lifetime or special achievements

  • Contributions to East Coast Surfing Community

  • Induction to other recognized Surfing Halls of Fame

  • Eligibility age – 40 and above

  • Sponsorship

  • Career must have importance related to East Coast surfing

Submission Process

New Candidate 

  • All New Candidates will be submitted through an open, public online candidature process exclusively on This process will begin on December 1, 2020 for the Class of 2022. (Note:  Candidates submitted in prior years, who were Nominated but not Inducted, will remain on an “In Perpetuity” list, and are available for Selection in 2022 and thereafter.).  The Current perpetuity list as of 2020 and hall of Famer list can be found below  by clicking on each link

  • New Candidate applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline published on the official website.  Applications submitted after the date will not be accepted.  All New Candidate applications will be reviewed by the ECSHOF President and the Regional Nominating Committee Co-Chairs.  All New Candidates will be placed in either the North or South Region, based on their state of origin or permanent residence, to be determined by the ECSHOF Board of Directors.  The North Region will include the states of ME, NH, VT, CT, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, and the South Region will include GA and FL.  

jeff-crawford-Pipe77_mez - Version 2.jpg
Jeff Crawford - 2002


New England - Sid Abbruzzi

Mid-Atlantic – Mark Neustadter

Virginia/Outer Banks – Scott Buseby

North and South Carolina – David Nuckles

Georgia and North Florida – Charlie Baldwin

Central Florida – Greg Loehr and Pete Dooley

South Florida – Hunter Joslin

West Florida – Pat Wilcox


A Regional Nominating Committee (RNC) will be formed that will be made up of eight (8) experts, four (4) from the North Region and four (4) from the South Region.  The RNC Members will be selected by the Co-Chairs, Greg Loehr and Sandy Ordille.   Their selections are subject to ECSHOF Board of Directors approval.  All RNC Members will review and vet all of the completed New Candidate applications and select ten (10) New Candidates filling all the slots allocated in each Award Category – 3 Pioneers, 3 Surfers Men, Surfers Women, 1 Media, 1 Culture, 1 Industry.  


RNC Members must make submissions on the Official ECSHOF Nominations Form and must select five (5) from the North Region and five (5) from the South Region.  Verbal submissions will not be accepted. The ten (10) New Candidates, five (5) from the North and five (5) from the South, with the most Nominations in the various categories, plus the “In Perpetuity” list of Candidates, will officially be “The Nominations."   

Lisa Andersen - 2008

Selection Committee Members to be announced in early 2021


North Region










South Region







A Selection Committee will be made up of twenty-four (24) well known and highly regarded surfers, selected by the ECSHOF Board of Directors.  Of these, ten (10) will be from the North Region, ten (10) from the South Region, and four (4) At-Large.  It is recommended that the Regional Selection Committee Members should be in the ECSHOF.  The At-Large Members are not required to be East Coasters in origin nor in the ECSHOF. At-Large Members must have an exceptional knowledge of East Coast Surfing history.  


Each Selection Committee Member will receive an Official Ballot and Biography Book of Nominees and will have ten (10) votes - 3 Pioneers, 3 Surfers Men, 1 Surfer Women, 1 Media, 1 Culture, 1 Industry.  The Selection Committee will submit their votes on the Official Ballot to the Secretary of the ECSHOF, who, along with the President, will be responsible for tallying the votes.  No verbal selections will be accepted.  The Nominees with the greatest number of votes are “The Finalists.”  The Nominees with the next highest number of votes in each category are “The Alternates.”  


Board of Directors Ratification

The ten Finalists will be submitted to the ECSHOF Board of Directors for ratification. The Board may approve or deny any Finalist. A Finalist not ratified by the Board will be replaced by the Alternate in the same category. For 2022 there will be six categories in which ten individuals will be inducted in a formal ceremony to take place during the January 2022 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida: inductees will be announced in September of 2021.

Corey Lopez - 2016